Friday, June 18, 2010

Canine Canoeing

Canine Canoeing
Take your pooch for a paddle
By. Sheila Ascroft, Ottawa Outdoors

This article is about a pet owner's journey to get her dog to canoe with her. The reason I picked the article is because I think alot of paddlers have pets. They don't always have a pet-sitter when the opportunity comes to get on the water. She tells of her struggles, the dog's struggles and gives tips on how to make canoeing a pleasant experience for both you and your pet. She also discusses things like how to get your dog comfortable with the rocking of the boat and how to get it not to jump and pounce on you while paddling. She advises readers to stop frequently for bathroom and stretch breaks.
I don't have pets but deeply enjoyed this article. It was funny to read about the dog's reaction to the water and the boat. It went from whimpering at the sight of the boat to trying to bite on the paddle as it came from the water, to standing tall on the gunnel of the boat like a pirate looking for land. This article is not only an easy read, but also it is fun and captivating.

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