Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6 OUTDOOR ADVENTURES TO TRY THIS SUMMER by the Ottawa Outoors Magazine Staff

Rating: ***

This article was about six outdoor adventures to try this summer, why you should try them, and where to try them.

I have tried three of the six activities (white water rafting, caving, and aerial parks) the article talks about and absolutely loved them. I would definitely try the other three adventures,(whitewater kayaking, wind and board surfing, and sailing) especially after reading about why I will love it. I think this article was really useful as it gave fun summer activities to do in Ottawa during the summer.

The article was short and to the point, giving a brief description of the adventure, why you'll love it and the contact information and names of places where you can try it.

I would recommend this article to anyone who has complained about being bored during the summer.

Staff, Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. "6 Outdoor Adventures to Try This Summer." Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. June 2010: 8 - 9. Print.

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