Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Rating: ****

This article was about whitewater's hottest couples, profiling cute couples and wild weddings. Although the article was more like a whitewater guidebook then a fairytale story book it was still a great read.

I loved reading this article! The profiles were cute, but it was the other things that were funny. On the side of one page was; "the strange, sexy world of whitewater dating, ten do's and dont's," which included celebrating men in skirts, leaving room in the eddy and taking a date in a tandem canoe. The pictures of the women is wedding dresses kayaking or canoeing made my dad laugh, horrified my mother, and gave me ideas.

This article has no real use unless you are a whitewater couple looking for advice, but it was a good read that I really enjoyed.

I would suggest this article to anyone who fell in love on a canoe trip.

Staff, Rapid. "Love, Lust and Polypropylene." Rapid the Whitewater Magazine. Early summer 2009: 23 - 28. Print.

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