Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lost and Found By Kevin Callan


This is a great article that really portrays the tight knit communities of paddling and the outdoors. The author explains to us how he was in a rush one day on a portage and as they were halfway around the lake when he noticed he forgot his spare paddle. He would have gone back and retrieved it but there was a curious black bear on there tail as well as large storm clouds so he decided to leave it. He then went to a favorite canoe website forum of his and posted a message about his precious lost paddle and sure enough someone had found it and returned it to the main office. He pursued his paddle wanting it back but found out they were lending it to paddlers as a spare paddle.

I enjoy this article because it makes me happy seeing that people would have the decency to return a paddle and take care of it even when its not there property. I also enjoyed his reaction to the company lending the paddle back out. He figured it was alright to give out the paddle because it was helping out another group, but on one condition, and that was that he got to hear their stories and these varied from solos adventurists or if they were trying to escape the city.

Callan, Kevin. 'Lost and Found.' Canoeroots. spring 2008. volume 7 issue 1

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