Friday, December 3, 2010

Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole

Rating **

If your into global warming this may intrest you.

I want to start by saying this man is crazy he went to the coldest place on earth and swam for 20 minutes in water that was -1.7°c. Listening to him describe how cold the water was made me shiver and I’m sitting in my heated house. He also told a story about an explore by the name of Seranal Fines he was trying to ski to the North Pole, and he fell through the ice. He was only in the water for 3 minutes and that ended his trip when he got back to England they said they would have to remove his fingers. Seranal Fines decided to go home and do it him self. Lewis was in the water for 20 minutes that’s nuts and it took him four mounths to regain feeling in his hands. I believe what he has done will really raise awareness at least.

Now I don’t believe in “global warming” personally but what this man did will make me save energy and never ever litter, because the world is changing and we have to change to keep earth clean and safe. This ted talk got me thinking how crazy some people are.

lewis pugh swims the north pole By: Lewis Plugh ( )

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