Monday, December 6, 2010

Biking to the future by Ryan Stuart

In the village of Burns Lake, B.C., they rely heavily on the logging buisiness. When the tree-infesting mountain pine beetle epidemic started in 2006, the succes of their community was threatened. To make up for the loss in the forestry departement, "they decided to convert their little community into the latest fat-tire mecca". They hope to attract many tourists to their mountain biking park and already have money granted for improvements in the park.
I didn't really get much out of this article. It wasn'texactly an article filled with interesting facts. To add on to that I've never really mountain biked before so I can't relate to it. For people who enjoy mountain biking, however, they may find this article interesting.

Explore magazine (September/October 2007)

(Rating: **)

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