Monday, December 27, 2010

GET A LEG UP by Andrew Westwood

Rating: ****

This article was about how to solo portage, or more importantly how to get a 16-foot canoe over your head and down onto the base of your neck without hurting yourself.

This article was short, sweet and to the point. It had numbered steps and pictures to go along with each step so not only could you read about what to do but you could see it too! It was easy to read and understand and had useful tips.

The only downside to this article is that you cannot fully understand it unless you have a canoe with you and are trying it, and honestly who is going to take a magazine with them on a canoe trip?

I would suggest that anyone that has master portaging with a partner and is ready for the next level.

Westwood, Andrew. “Get a Leg Up” Canoeroots. Early Summer 2009. Print.

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