Monday, December 27, 2010


Rating: ***

This article was about a recently married couple and how they decided to invited all, yes ALL of their friends on their honeymoon canoe trip.

The couple ended up with 10 very different people of all ages, including two same sex couples, two born again Christians, a photographer who specializes in rainforest nudes, a motocross-obsessed 12-yearold, an easily annoyed hermit from a town of 300, a GPS-obsessed endurance junkie, a marine biologist/ zombie movie extra and a pot-smoking feminist. They had complete non-canoeist and life-long expedition trippers. Twelve people who would never under normal circumstance converse, let alone have fun together.

The article was a cute; funny read about how even with all those personalities everyone has fun on canoe trips. It even gives tips on how to have a highly memorable long-weekend canoe trip, some of which are; go in August for good weather, plan an easy trip, invite ALL your friends (they’ll probably end up getting along, and if not it might be even more fun!), and don’t forget the food!

I would recommend this article to anyone looking for a good laugh and anyone doubting that the group of people they are going on a canoe trip with will have fun. Canoe trips have different social rules! Just look at our outdoor ed. canoe trips; we are best friends with people we don’t talk to in school.

Bowman, Tory. “The Honeymooners” Canoeroots. Early Summer2009. Print.

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