Monday, December 27, 2010

GO-LIGHT MEALS by Stephanie Park

Rating: *****

This article was a taste test showdown! The Canoeroots staff prepared and tried every freeze dried dinner sold. The article lists the top ones they would take with them, the pros and cons of them, what to eat with it and other favourites.

Tastiest was Harvest Foodworks – Chicken and pasta salad. Easy to prepare, just add cold water, good serving sizes.

Healthiest was Mary Jane Farms – Jambalaya. Organic, and delicious, but very small portions, only a side dish.

Best portions were Mountain House – Chicken Teriyaki. Excellent flavour and texture, better tasting chicken then Chinese take-out.

Fastest Preparation was Camp N’Trail – Chicken and Rice Casserole. Ready in just five minutes, packs small, vegetarian chicken looks and tastes real.

I found this article really helpful because the meals are easy to take on canoe trips and now I don’t have to try them myself and find out they taste bad, or that there is not enough food.

I would suggest this article to anyone going on a long canoe trip where dehydrated food is a must.

Park, Stephanie. “Go-Light Meals” Canoeroots. Spring 2010. Print.

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