Monday, December 27, 2010

TED TALK Mitchell Joachim: Don’t Build Your Home, Grow It!

Rating: ****

This Ted Talk was about Mitchell Joachim’s ideas of building houses out of plants and meat. Yes meat.

I loved this video! I think the point of it was smart, train trees into forming houses, live in part of the surrounding environment, how much greener can you get? The meat houses were more comical and I am thinking less doable but I am interesting in seeing if it would work.

I believe we do need a new way of living because the way we are living now is certainly not working.

This video made me laugh and really think about our planet and its’ future.

I would suggest it to anyone who cares about Earth and is willing to think outside the box.

Mitchell Joachim: Don’t build Your Home, Grow It! TED Ideas Worth Spreading. July 2010. Web. 27 December 2010.

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