Sunday, January 16, 2011

3 Gatineau Park Ski trails "that take you to cabins in the woods"

Rating ****

Now I've never been much a x-country skier, in fact Monday last week was the first time I'd ever strapped the damn things on. I was able to get going pretty quickly, even though I'm still mastering it. Even though I don't own a personal pair of skis, knowing good trails and routes is a useful tool. I stumbled onto this article and I've found it very informative and detailed. It focuses on 3 specific trails in Gatineau Park, P10 to Keogan and Huron, P16 to Herridge and P12 to Western. It gives accurate and detailed information about each trail, the difficulty, and how to read the signage and colour coded difficulty levels. A very helpful guide to some of the easier trails in the park, as there are a selection. It also lists the number of walking trails you will cross and intersect with, as well as any nearby cabins with tables, garbage disposal, parking lots etc. While I'm not very into the sport yet, I'd recommend anyone that's going into the park to read this, especially if they're new to it, or even just new to the park itself.

  • Outdoor Ottawa - Winter 2007

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