Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to the Forest

Rating: ***

I take a walk in the woods nearly everyday, to walk my dog. I've always known that I love going through the forest, but I never really thought about why. This article that I found, Back to the Forest, talks about why being in the forest is good for your health, and for your happiness.
It says that being in the forest is good for your breathing (oxygen from all the trees), it's good for your concentration, co-ordination, and meditation. It talks about a lot of other benefits as well, including your happiness and calmness. The article says that it's also very good for a person to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the world.
I liked this article because it gave just enough description of each benefit of being in the forest, and it made me want to spend even more time in the forest then I already do.

Nordic Wellbeing. 'Back to the Forest.'

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  1. Back to the Forest - ****

    The article is about the the benefits of spending time in the forest. Some of these include an oxygen-rich environment, which is great for your respiratory system, better co-ordination (which I could definitely take advantage of) because of a varying path which makes for good mind-body training, and a place to meditate, it's very easy to clear your mind in a forest.

    I already go for walks in the forest every once in a while. I walk my dog in the woods that is across the road from my house every now and again (not as much as I should). I also enjoy going for hikes in different forested areas within an hour's drive every so often.

    After reading this article it makes me want to spend more time in the forest. I really enjoyed this read and recommend to anyone who enjoys a walk in the forest who who does not get out enough. I look forward to spending more time in the forest soon.