Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barely Outdoors

Rating: ****

My mom and I both like to run track and field. She once told me that in a race she was in when she was a teenager, they wouldn't let her run barefoot, so she ran in her socks. She told me that when you're not wearing shoes, that you run faster.
I found this article that talks about how going barefoot is actually a lot better for you than wearing shoes. The article says that "going barefoot is not just a Scandinavian summer infatuation, a hippie hangover or something that the Masai do out on the African plains." It talks about all of the disadvantages of wearing shoes (such as being prone to flat feet), advantages to going barefoot (such as avoiding varicose veins), and about a new type of shoe that the MBT is inventing. The shoe's purpose is to make you feel like you're not wearing shoes at all.
I think that this article was ver informative because a lot of people think that going barefoot is gross or dangerous. Reading this article will probably comfort a lot of people. I would recommend anyone to read it.

Nordic Wellbeing. 'Barely Outdoors.'

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  1. over the weekend i ran out side barefoot and bare back on a frozen lake with a bunch of people and i got the farthest from our cabin. if you don't believe me you can ask Emma. what i am trying to say is that i don't think that it is always better to run bare foot.