Sunday, January 16, 2011

what would you do?

This was the best article that i have ever read! between the pages 10 and 43 of the Ottawa outdoors magazine because it was about how to build a quinsy in an emergence situation that is what we all did on the winter camp. i am giving this article a 4/5 score because it not only talks about things that we did in out door ed but extra facts that i wish i knew before going on the trip and way before sleeping in my school quinsy.

the article is about some one who gets lost in the forest during a snow storm and decides to build a snow quinsy for shelter some how he was able to do it in less than three days of getting snow and only take a few hours and he didn't even have a snow shovel he had to use his snow shoes?! then after he digs it out in only half an hour me and Jon took more than 4 hours so i don't get ho that make much sense be it was cool what tips and facts there where like...

did you know that one small candle can increase temperatures in a quinsy by 4 C!
and that you shouldn't let the candle burn all night or you could get deadly carbon monoxide building up.

it was not very realistic but had some good tips and facts so i liked it and i think that you will to if you give it a shot.

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