Friday, January 14, 2011

Do not go out of your head when your in the bush

Author Gerry Godsoe

In this articale it tells you that if you panic you are going to put yourself in a more dangerous position. In the articale it tells you about a forestry worker who went missing on vancouver island and the RCMP called in a search and rescue team and volunteers to help find him. When they found the missing forestry worker he was running back and fourth with his clothes off. Bush madness has often been used in the past to describe a wide range of symptons when lost persons do seemingly irrational things. In this situation one thing that might happen is Paradoxical stripping lost people even skilled people have been found dead in various stages of undress despite icy tempatures.They wander around in panic instead of staying put and waiting for someone to come and find them.

by Aaron Nelson

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