Friday, January 14, 2011

“Gently roughing it in La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve.”
Straweczynski, Juda. Ottawa out doors, issue 33 2003.
Rating: **
This article is the story of how simple city-slickers can be scared and unprepared for the wilderness but then turn into experts of there surroundings. There are twelve friends from America when they thought they were just going to a normal camp for the summer they were not prepared for what they were getting themselves into.
With the guiding of Juda the friends were to travel 24 kilometers of the beautiful Lac Jean-Péré by canoe. With no previous wilderness experience they take a while to a just to the scenery and take a lazy start.
Straweczynski explains in detail the transformation of the Americans and how they became more careful and gentile with the environment. I recommend this article to those who enjoy an easy read and something to pass time, but it is not the most knowledgeable.

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