Monday, January 17, 2011

Fresh and delicious camping meals by Kevin Callan

Rating: *** good

This article is a quick and easy guide on how to keep food fresh for a hiking or canoe trip and what you need to have a perfect meal every time with out the risk of spoilage or food poisoning which is a common occurrence when food is not properly stored.

In the article there are twelve easy ways to keep food fresh and free of spoilage for a long period of time. There are several suggestions on the article to keep food fresh but i will give a few of the biggest one in my opinion. One is to vacuum seal any meats since this will largely increase their life in the backpack. Another way is too use the ice that you see at super markets that the fish are on since this ice will last considerably longer then normal ice and the store will usually give it away for free. The next way is for eggs ,the trick is to buy them from a farmers market since they will last much longer and to take them on a hike place them in a Styrofoam container in the center of your pack to prevent breakage. these are some of the best methods i have seen.

This article has inspired me too definitely make sure the food is not just properly stored but is kept fresh so the taste is still there . I know since on the last hike my pre cooked bacon could never mount to freshly cooked.

Explorer magazine, Kevin Callan, 2010 July/August issue

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