Monday, January 17, 2011

Unfinished Business - Alex Matthews

Article#4: unfinished Business
This article talks about why more sea kayak expeditions are doomed to fail although this is an opinion piece written by Alex Matthews who isn’t a sea kayaker. He says “the bar has been raised incredibly high”, which I agree with this and I also agree with why he thinks this. Most people don’t like to talk about their failures therefore we tend to only see the successes in the media, which the media has made things extremely easy with twitter, facebook, and blogs which can be easily accessed from anywhere. He said “because of the internet we know far more about proposed journeys before they even begin. Before the internet, we heard mostly about expeditions that were successful and, seldom about those that weren’t. Ultimately greater challenges come with higher possibilities of failure and so we should expect more failed attempts than successes.” I agree with this but think that even with the internet we still mainly hear about successful stories, because in all reality most people tend to find failure embarrassing and are afraid to say they failed at something which the truth is we fail more than we succeed and it takes more failures before you have enough experience to succeed. I know I’m not a sea kayaker either but I do enjoy going out kayaking whenever possible and I’ve got enough experience when going out kayaking to know that it’s not an easy sport or hobby but it indefinitely has a rewarding feeling when u complete something challenging for you and that even the most experienced people still fail because the challenges are either too hard or the weather conditions aren’t good or injuries occur that prevent them to finish their challenges. Over all I agree with some things in this article and others I don’t agree with.
By: Brianna Allen

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