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How to survive 21 nasty things that can happen to you on a trip

Saturday/ Nov/ 20/ 2010
How to survive 21 nasty things that can happen to you on a trip
Canoe roots staff

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This article is about many different survival skills that are either good to know for in case of a sudden emergency or to prevent discomfort, it is all important to know about because if one person is in peril it is important to know what to do about it. This article has many good survival techniques that that can help and/or prevent injury.

There are many great safety and survival tips but here are just a few.
Tip #3 lightning: If a lightning storm is coming your way and you are in a canoe you should head to land as soon as you see or hear lightning.
Then, when you reach land, you should avoid being the tallest thing around by finding a level area of terrain. Do not try to set up a tent during the storm as this is very dangerous due to the aluminum and metal pent polls. It is better to put a tarp over everyone’s bag to keep them dry.

Tip # 14 canoe capsize: If your canoe flips over and it’s you partners fault don’t worry, to get out of trouble from floating too far away from your canoe, make sure you hold on to the end of the canoe and wait for assistance. When a rescue canoe comes along, ask them to grab the end of your canoe and put it in the middle(?) of there’s while you push down on the far end this is called the T-shape rescue and it get the water out of your canoe so it doesn’t sink. Slide the upside down canoe until it is balanced in the middle of the gunwales, then flip the upside down canoe right side up and put it back in the water. Have them stabilize the canoe while you and your partner climb back in, one at a time.   

 This article was very interesting to me because it taught me things that I thought that I already knew, and how to take it to the next level of safety. I liked how it was right to the point and how it was written in a very easy way of understanding. I recommend this article because almost every incident in the article has happened to me.

By Tyler Charron      

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