Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Trip Wonder

This article is all about how portaging has changed over the years. When he was younger everything he needed for a 2week trip would have fit into a small bed roll and only required one trip portage. Now a day with all these gadgets people are losing the main goal of portaging, pack light. As Ray Jardine says in one of his books, if you have more then 12pounds of gear you should just stay home. He says people today need to stop being so materialistic when going portaging and only bring the bare minimum. He thinks when going out your not just leaving the city behind but you should also be leaving all of its gadgets. People today are having to do multi trip portages and are more caught up in making sure they have all their gear there not enjoying the outdoors as much as they should be. The writer of the article goes on to say if he ever found his Swiss army knife he lost as a kid he would replace it with one without a corkscrew, magnifying glass, and toothpick.


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