Thursday, January 20, 2011

Urban Adventurers

In this article a couple of outdoor adventurers are invited to paddle down the Detroit River. At first glance they both are a bit worried about lunching their canoe into a powerboat infested water-way. With wakes smashing against their canoe they set up for a 25km paddle up steam for a club BBQ. As they head up stream the site of huge skyscrapers towering over them makes them feel as if they where in a smart car on a high-speed freeway. However after they get the idea out of their heads that paddling up this waterway has no wildness aspect to it, they begin to see nature at work. As they pass a group of trees lining the bank they spot a bald eagle with her hatchling in a nest. They then realize that these clubs are really helping people out. With more people living in the city these clubs still allow people to get out and enjoy the environment around them.


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