Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rcoky Mountain higher by Raymond Schmidt


Now this article is talking about horseback riding through Banff National Park. It talks about the surreal beauty this National Park has to offer and they sure are correct.

Just this past summer I in fact traveled down to Banff and know exactly what there talking about. The hustle bustle of the main street through downtown Banff then one or two kilometre away, thousands of acres of untamed beauty great for horseback riding, (as described in the article) fishing, mountain biking, hiking and so much more. This article does more than just advertise for Sundance Lodge, where you can stay after a long day of horseback riding, but it also tells us about the wonders of the world and the beauty around us.

Schmidt, Raymond. "Rocky Mountain higher". Explore. October 2005. Issue 135.

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