Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wave of the Future - Conor Mihell

Rating: ***

I thought the article would have been more interesting from the title, and the pictures; but it turned out to be rather boring.

The article talks about the increasing number of manmade white water parks. White water parks are good economically for a city because they bring in tourists. Within the first six months of a white water park opening it is supposed to bring 1,000 new people to the sport of kayaking. The main question of the article is that if kayakers from white water parks will be able to defeat the natural, organic white water in rivers, or will it be too much for them?

The article has inspired me to visit one of the white water parks to see if it is the same as real rapids. The article has also inspired me to go white watere kayaking. I think that we should start a white water park in Ottawa on the Ottawa River. Many white water kayakers will go to the white water park, more tourists will come, and more people will be introduced to the sport of white water kayaking.

I would not recommend this article to many people unless they had never heard of a white water park before.

Mihell, Conor. "Wave of the Future". Rapid Magazine, Early Summer 2010. Print

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