Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Layer for winter ski touring and snowshoeing-Ryan Stuart

In this article, Ryan Stuart said that the key to staying warm in the winter in layering. He explains that he prefers to have more layers and a soft shell than less layers and a hard shell. He says that soft shells breathe more easily and enable you to have the ability to move more comfortably. In this article, Ryan Stuart named some of the jackets that he finds the most useful.
One of the lighter soft shells he mentioned was the North Face Kishtwar. The author said that it has a looser fit and that if layered with over an insulated article of clothing, you will be very comfortable. Ryan also named some of the heavier duty soft shells like Stoic's Welder soft shells and Arc'Teryx's Epsillon SV. These jackets are more breathable but are less waterproof. These coats are ideal for doing aerobic exercises when it is colder and windier outside.

The author says that 90% of the time, he is more comfortable being in a soft shell with a couple of base layers and a fleece than in a hard shell with only one base layer. He only likes to wear a lighter hard shell when it’s a lot colder and windier. Otherwise, you’ll find Ryan wearing a soft shell which he says is the best thing to wear in temperatures of +10° to -25° and for activities ranging from sitting for a half hour to full out exercise.

I found that this was a good article for me because it enabled me to further understand different layering strategies for different types of weather or activities. I would have to say that this article deserves a ****rating.

I would definitely recommend this article for someone who does many outdoor activities and likes to read up on the new and best apparel. Though I would not recommend for you to read this article if you do not participate in many outdoor activities or sports.

Stuart, Ryan. "How To Layer For Winter Touring or Snowshoeing." Thursday, 17 Feb. 2011.

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