Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sea Turtle Story- Jennifer McNutt Bywater

Rating ***

The article The Sea Turtle Story is about an inspired little girl named Hannah who devotes her time, effort, and money to save sea turtles.
Hannah Bywater's story begins when she was 6 years old and her aunt gave her a stuffed sea turtle for Christmas. This turtle represented the donation her aunt had made in Hannah's name. This gift turned Hannah's life around and by the age of 7 she was doing all she could to raise money for the little sea creatures. Hannah was able to visit Pemuteran in Northern Bali to donate $305 to the turtle sanctuary. She asked for donations instead of birthday presents, worked odd jobs, and would put aside half of her allowance. The foundation was thrilled with this young girl who promised them double next time she came. This is when her parents and her came up with the idea of selling hand-carved wooden turtles from Bali in North Bay. Anyone that heard Hannah's story, wanted desperately to support her. Family members lead to strangers buying the wooden turtles. By the end of the year, Hannah had raised over $2000.Hannah had an artificial reef named after her which allows recovering coral to grow.
With all of Hannah's hard work, she hasn't stopped. She is now also supporting the Orangutans and had 75 rainforest trees planted in her name. For all she has done, Hannah honorably received a youth environmental award from the North Bay- Mattawa Conservation Authority in 2008.
This story was incredible to read and was written by Hannah's mother Jennifer McNutt Bywater. You can truly hear the pride Bywater has in her daughter, and many would be too if they knew such an inspired young girl.
This article really had me thinking about what I could do to help support a certain species that I adored. I've never had a motivation quite like Hannah's and after reading this, I hope to find something I feel as strongly about as she did.

The Sea Turtle Story-How a young girl from North Bay is making a difference in this world/Jennifer McNutt Bywater/Ottawa Outdoors magazine/2009

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