Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hunting Monsters

Imagine kayaking down a long rapid river when suddenly a gigantic wave suddenly emerges to swallow you whole. This may seem terrifying to you, but for professionals this is quite the thrill. To many it's known as "freestyle kayaking".

Monstrous waves found in rivers such as those in Ottawa,Ontario have become quite famous. Some even to the point where they have been named. Black Biggie and Gladiator are two of the many of which reached an unbelievable size. While the search has been known around these parts of Canada, many other curious kayakers are beggining to search beyond these points looking to find the next best thing.To become a professional in this specific sport it is said that hunting giant waves requires keeping your eye out for potential. Watching the levels and rushing to the rivers as they begin to spike is essential to catching some of the best ones.

A dangerous thrill, or a foolish activity? For those who seek an adrenaline rush and aren't afraid of the unknown, I say this is the extreme sport for you!

Jamie-Leigh Sauve

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