Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maybe you're already a triathlete- Geordie McConnell

Rating : ***

This article talks about how easy completing a triathlon can be ; it's not an impossible task. This article has made me reflect on my athletic abilities and it has made me realize thats setting a goal of completing a triathlon isn't as crazy as it sounds. I learned that it is easy to set realistic goals to help you complete a triathlon. For example if you train 360 minutes a week , a Super Sprint or even a sprint triathlon is within your reach. If you have 10 hours of time to spend exercising a week an Ironman can be an attainable goal as well. This is all depending on your starting fitness of corse. This article has defiantly inspired me to complete a triathlon. It has also inspired me to improve my swimming abilities so I will be more comfortable competing in triathlons. I think this article has helped change my outlook on triathlons. I can defiantly see myself in the future completing many triathlons.

This article is a quick and inspiring read.

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