Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Outdoor Clothing – Nicole Roberts

In her article Nicole says that while doing outdoor activities during the cold winter months, proper clothing is a necessary in order for your trip to be fun and enjoyable. If you’re outside trying to do various activities if all that’s on your mind is being cold or staying warm you won’t be enjoying yourself very much. The key to staying warm is to layer your clothes. The first layer should be close to your skin and should be a thin material that removes sweat from the body. The second layer should be a thick material that will keep you insulated and hold heat. The final layer is a wind and water resistant one that will keep you dry as well as warm. Besides proper clothing Nicole also tells us we need a couple accessories to help keep you warm. A hat is a must because most of your heat escapes through your head. Socks should not be cotton as they collect water which will freeze up and your feet will be cold. They should be made of material like wool which will keep you warm but keep the water out as you will be outside for long periods of time. Gloves are also recommended with a thin small pair inside to insulate and a larger thicker pair on the outside. If you’re sleeping in the woods the right sleeping bag is necessary. Buy sleeping bags that have been rated for cold temperatures, also a sleeping pad wouldn’t hurt as to keep you directly off the ground. With the right clothing and equipment outdoor winter activities can be fun without the worries of being cold or staying warm.

This article makes me think carefully about what I put on before I go outside in winter because I was never familiar with what to wear when doing so I would always just slap on alot of clothes thinking I’d be warm. It would always suck because of the weight it would take so much effort to do simple things. With this article I can dress warm but still be light at the same time which makes things so much easier.

I highly recommend this article to anyone who wants to try outdoor activities during the winter like skiing or camping. This article is also for the novice outdoor explorer who isn’t familiar with techniques to staying warm properly. This article is good because it’s brief and straight to the point with what you need and why you need it.

Rating: ****

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