Friday, March 4, 2011

300km Paddleboat Journey - Stephanie Park

Rating ***

“300km Paddleboat Journey” by Stephanie Parks an inspirational article about the atrocious things that are occurring in the world today. It examines what people will do to attract attention to issues facing the world today.

Stephanie talks about a British Columbia man resident Norm Hann and how his epic 365km trip on a stand up paddleboat through Canada’s Great Bear rainforest. The purpose of his paddleboat journey, to help bring awareness about the threats from the oil pipeline and the major impact it has on the Great Bear rainforest (located in British Columbia) and its animals.

I really enjoyed this article because it shows that some people in this world today still care about our environment and will do whatever they can to educate and warn about the dangers of pollution and them to help fix this problem. I now have a better appreciation about the dangers of pollution and about the Great Bear Rainforest. And it’s encouraged me to get out and inspire other people to help with this and other great cause to help our planet. It has also inspired me to get out there and warn other people about true threats that are occurring all over the world where nature is being destroyed.

In my opinion everyone should known about the dangers threatening our environment and ways we can help stop them.

Park, Stephanie. “300km Paddleboat Journey.,”, May 25, 2010

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