Friday, March 4, 2011

Algonquin Park: Comfy Camping in Ontario's Largest Park – Laurie March

Rating: ***

Algonquin Park is a fun, comfortable place to camp. There are many activities, and many upsides to camping at this park.

This article is basically about Algonquin Park, and the experience the author has had at it. She talks about the activities you can do there, and good times of the year to go there and such. There are also some interesting facts about the park.

I enjoyed this article because it tells me some good things about the park, convincing me to go there when I go camping. I also enjoyed it because it's about camping, and I enjoy camping! It makes me thing, since there are lots of things to offer, what else there is. She also talks about the amazing colors in the park in the fall, so I wonder how amazing they are.

I recommend this article if you enjoy camping, and are looking for a place to camp.

March, Laurie. “Algonquin Park: Comfy Camping in Ontario's Largest Park”. 2001-2011.

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