Monday, April 4, 2011

Think You'd Survive? - Randy Gerke

Rating: **** "There is no force stronger in this world than the will to live" - 127 Hours This article can literally be a lifesaver if given to the right person. It describes mental characteristics necessary for a person to survive stranded by themselves. It describes a typical person whos alone by themselves and how he'she may succumb to depression, fear, anger, etc... , and offers easy solutions and tasks that may aid them mentally until help eventually does arrive. Such solutions include staying busy (setting a series of obtainable goals and/or tasks to perform to pass the time), and being determined ( drawing on beliefs or emotions as sources of strength). I personally found this article enlightning and even useful (even though I don't plan on getting lost in the woods, desert, ocean any time soon). It reminded me straight away of the novel/film "127 hours" and the main characters struggle to survive after getting stuck in the middle of nowhere by himself, and refusing to give up. The solutions to this somewhat common problem are easy to follow, and proven to work. Any survivalist, outdoorsmen, or even hiker should definately read through this article as a safety precaution to what could happen. Gerke, Randy. Think you'd survive?, Ottawa Outdoors, Fall/Winter 2009/2010

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