Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nature's Evil Twins - Terry Kraustwurst

rating: **** Are you planning on going on a hike? Or even a camping trip? Well if you are, i'm sure you've been planning for quite some time now. What your meals are going to be, where you are going to set up camp, which trails you will take. But did you plan on a misjudgement? A misjudgement that could even take your life? Well this very informative article, will teach you all the necessary procaustions you need to take. Krautwurst informs the reader of nature's duplicates. This article shows the reader the difference between a life, and death situation. Mother nature created many look alikes, some may even call them mimics, but the difference is substantial. For example The common, and harmless scarlet kingsnake. It's vibrant red, yellow and black stripes catch your eye! But can you make the fatal mistake of approaching an eastern coral snake? The coral snake is one of North Americas most venomous reptiles with almost identical markings as the harmless scarlet kingsnake. So how does the hiker know the difference? there are plenty of details that define them! And this article explains that in detail. This article informs the reader of different reptiles, plants and insects that can play a trick on you. some are harmless, some are fatal and this piece of literature can define those important differences. I recommend this article to every person who has developed an interst in hiking or camping. These simple, and small details can save your life. Anyone and everyone can benefit from reading it. Citation: Krautwurst, Terry. "Nature's Evil Twins". February 2001. Backpacker magazine.

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