Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Real Jackalope! - A. McGivney

rating: *** Everyone knows the myth of the "Jackalope". Plenty of stories have been tossed around, but if you want to see the proof, I recommend reading this article. This article explains a new finding! Tom Swearingen of the University of Kansas, Natural History Museum, discovered a virus. This virus was found in cottontails, aswell as jackrabbits, in the High Trails. The virus caused a root like growth on the face, or head of the animal. This virus' growths can be easily mistaken for what seems to be antelope horns. This is wear the myth begun. The virus found in these small creatures, have been misleading the public eye for quite some time! people may take pictures and assume they have solid proof to the hoax of the jackalope, but after reading this article, and learning about the findings of Mr. Swearingen, they're mistaken. This article explains the modern day hoax. I recommend anyone looking for a quick, captivating, informative read, to take a look at this article. It is extremely well written, and keeps your attention throughout the whole thing. I think anyone over the age of 10 would enjoy it. citation: McGivney, A. "A Real Jackalope". February, 2011. Backpacker Magazine.

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