Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wade This Way - Johnny Molloy

rating: ** Are you tired of your same old camping destination? Are you interested in travelling to new places? Well this is the article for you! This article can expand the readers horizons on when and where they could go hiking! The winter is not necesasrily an ideal time of year to go hiking in North America, but what about Florida? To be more specific, their Big Cypress National Preserve. This article explains all the sights and experiences you will endure if you decide to venture to Florida's preserve. Even if Canada is chilly and cold during the winter months, thats not everywhere! The Big Cypress National Preserve, is underwater for almost 6 months of the year! For the other months of the year when, this preserve isn't a marsh, it is high and dry, and waiting to be hiked! I recommend this article to any reader who is interested in hiking somewhere new and foreign to them. This article will enlighten them, and give them new ideas on when and where they can hike! citation: Molloy, Johnny."Wade This Way". February 2001. Backpacker Magazine.

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