Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime - Dave McMahon

Rating: ****

This article was a great read! It almost gave me an adreneline rush just picturing running through heavily wooded trails at top speeds. This article introduces the reader to a new form of exercise proved to be more efficient and physically demanding then your average jog on city streets: trail running. Trail running is proven to boost the dynamic range in all 5 of your "cardiovascular zones", and running down winding, hilly trails, creates an oppertunity for problem solving and mental fitness as well. Compared to running on city side walks, a run in the woods provides more natural intervals than a planned workout. You can also run on a different route every day to prevent boredom. Also, despite what people may believe, most ankle and foot injuries are caused by repetitively running on hard pavement, so the chance of injuring yourself running on a trail is much lower than running on your local sidewalk.
I found this article to be greatly beneficial. Instead of having to drag my self out of bed every weekend to go and run on the same route, at the same speed, covering the same distance; I could take a run through the woods and enjoy the scenery, while getting a better workout in return. Perhaps the time has come for the olympics to adopt a new sport.

McMahon, Dave. Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime. Ottawa Outdoors. summer/fall 2009

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