Monday, May 2, 2011

Footwork basics

By: Overlord

rating: ***

This article talks about the basics of placing your feet in the right place when rock climbing. This is important to know if you go rock climbing so you will have a comfortable climb and feel at ease with each step you take. Although I do not go rock climbing outside of class, in the future if i ever wanted to I would know how to do it comfortably.

1. It talks about what kind of shoes to wear, comfortable and sensitive so you can feel the features you are stepping on. It is important because you will not be able to climb very well or enjoy your climb if your feet feel uncomfortable.

2. It is important to be flexible as it is more efficient for you, so you could do some stretches after a climbing session.

3. You need foot, and leg strength.

4. Before and during your climb, look for footholds (places to put your feet for support) and hand holds (places to put your hands for support). This will make it easier once you are climbing so you will remember where to put your feet/ hands when you run into a sticky situation.

5. Look at a foot hold before putting your foot on it so you avoid scratching around it with your foot, you will feel at ease if you know your foot is able to hold you up and you know where to put your foot.

This is a great article to understand what you could do to make your climb a better and more comfortable and enjoyable climb.

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