Monday, May 16, 2011

Adopt the Pace of Nature – Allen Macartney

Rating: ***

In this inspiring article, Allen talks about how are societies are so fast moving today that we miss everything around us. So on his adventure in Algonquin Park, he tells us how if you just take the time to look around you can see the most amazing things that you would of never noticed.

Allen talks about his trip to Algonquin and how he had such a relaxing time and how he took his time to so he could see all the different features of our environment around us. He tells us that there is a “chronic frustration just below the surface of our society aimed at anyone or anything that gets in our way”. This causes stress levels to rise and can lead to many sorts of problems.

This article has affected me because it is a reality. Everyone is stressed because things don’t go right and/or there not happening fast enough and I realize that I am one of those people but this is how road rage, shopping rage and other types of problems and stress occur. All we need to do is take time to sit back and look at the good things that surround us. Allen’s way of getting rid of stress is camping and taking his time to look at the beautiful scenery and animals that live in the area.

In my opinion more people should take his advice and forget about cell phones, computers and our high speed societies and take time and relax and see the things that surround us that we don’t even know are there half the time.

Macartney, Allen. “Adopt the Pace of Nature”. Ottawa Outdoors. Spring/Summer 2009. Page: 8. Print

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