Monday, May 16, 2011

Don’t go out of your head when you’re out in the bush – Gerry Godsoe

Rating: ****

This informative article, explains how things can change in and instant and if you don’t follow the proper procedure of Stop, Think, Observe, and Plan you may run into some difficulties.

Gerry talks about a story about a forestry worker that went missing on Vancouver Island in the 1980's and they had to send out a Search and Rescue team to go find him. When they found him he was delusional and wandering aimlessly. He tells us about how things can change in an instant and if you panic and continue on without using the STOP criteria you may cause damage to yourself and/or others.

I really enjoyed this article because it shows you how things can go from bad to worse in an instant and explains to you the proper way to handle these situations. It has affected me because it tells us what people go through when they get lost and it makes you think about how you would react and think about these situations if you had to endure them. In the end I learned that a key factor to surviving if you get lost is to use the STOP factor. Stop, Think, Observe and Plan and it has changed my behaviour by making me realize that many people go through this everyday, many people die from getting lost and many people go through a panic faze when they get lost which can determine their future.

In my opinion everyone should read this article so they understand the proper procedure to take when you get lost in the wilderness.

Godsoe, Gerry. "Don't go out of your head when you're out in the bush". Ottawa Outdoors. Spring/Summer 2009. Page: 6. Print

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