Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cheating Death in Bluejohn Canyon

Rating: ****

Could you ever imagine being stuck for more than 127 hours in a rock that wouldn’t budge? Well Aron Ralston did and proved to everyone in the world that if you have the will to live, you can overcome anything.

In this article, Shane Burrows explains the long and tragic journey that Aron was faced with when his arm got wedged between a canyon wall and a rock in Bluejohn Canyon in April 2003. Without a proper knife, less than a liter of water, a small first aid kit and not telling anyone where he was, Aron was doomed for disaster. Without losing the will of hope he planned out many possibilities to escape this tragic situation without death being one of them. His first plan, that someone would happen come along and rescue him didn’t happen. The second of he would be able to chip away at the rock and free his hand didn’t work with the useless imitation of a multi tool. Thirdly, he would be able to rig up the rock with the ropes and equipment he had and last, if all else failed, he would need to sever the arm.

I really did enjoy this article about Aron true experience story and I think Shane did a good job portraying it. This article has affected me because it has made me think that things like this can happen, its reality. Things happen in an instant and it can change your life forever. I’ve learned that you always have to be prepared no matter what. You always hear and read stories of people dieing in the wilderness because they weren’t prepared and you just can’t ignore them. It has inspired me to plan well ahead before going anywhere in the wilderness. It has changed my behaviour by making me realize that I may take some things for granted and hope to in the future get rid of that quality.

I encourage all readers to read this article. It has changed the way I see things and it could do the same for you. As well the movie 127 hours based on Aron’s story is very good and after you read this article to see it.

Burrows, Shane. “Cheating Death in Bluejohn Canyon.” Site: web link:

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