Monday, May 16, 2011

Sports Injury Prevention: When is an Ache Officially a Pain- By: Roy Palmer

Rating :***

"If you listen to the whispers you will never have to hear the screams" is the great advice that running coach Percy Cerutty said to his athletes about injuries. He is saying that if you are feeling some aches and pains you shouldn't ignore them even if your championship finals are just around the corner.

If you don't treat small injuries or pains, they could become even more painful or even a career ending injury. That is when you wish you had listened to your body. Your ache has officially become a pain. An ache is a sensation you experience after working out or doing physical activity that usually lasts about a day at the most. If you are experiencing your aching while you are training or long after, something could be wrong. When you are starting on your road to recovery from your injury you will have to re-evaluate your training period, attitude, nutritional intake and technique.

I learned that sports injury prevention is about slowing down your activity and making sure you are not pushing yourself too hard. Your attitude has a key part in adding more tension to your body. If you enjoy doing sports that you are trying to beat your personal best and being very competitive try doing a sport that is a little less strenuous on your body but will help keep you fit. For example runners enjoy swimming to help relax their muscles.

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