Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Foot Blisters - Preventing and Healing Skin Blisters

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This article is clear and easy to understand, telling you everything you need to know about blisters-the cause, prevention, and healing.

The two main causes of foot blisters are heat and moisture, so it's extremely important to keep your feet cool and dry while hiking or doing anything outdoors. You need proper hiking boots that don't rub against your skin or cause pressure points and that let your feet breathe. Keep on dry socks and let those feet rest after all that walking! You can prevent blisters in their early stage by covering the irritated skin with a band-aid or moleskin. Get rid of any liquid build-up in the blister and allow them time to heal.

If you know your comfort level and proper First Aid you'll know how to prevent blisters or treat them when they occur and save your trip from becoming a painful one.

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