Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Foot Blisters-Preventing and Healing Skin Blisters

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This article gave a lot of great tips about how to prevent blisters and heal the blisters you already have, this article is really helpful especially if you’ve got a blister before and know how much pain they can add to a hiking trip.

Foot Blisters are caused by heat from the friction between your foot and boot and moisture from sweat and water in your boot. To prevent foot blisters get proper hiking boots that fit well and have good ventilation, if you feel your feet getting wet at your next rest spot change your socks, so always keep extra pairs of sock in an accessible place. If you feel a blister coming take off your boots and clean any dirt off of your feet and out of your boots, let your feet cool off and then put a band aid, moleskin or surgical tape. If your blister is full of liquid pierce it with a clean needle to let the liquid come out (if the blister is deep do not do this just cover them in moleskin) but do not remove the skin unless it already ruptured, just cover it with moleskin. If you have time let the skin harden in open air.

Before I read this article I did not know there was a way to actually prevent the blister from happening, I thought this article gave a lot of good information that I will definitely use next time I go hiking.
Foot blisters-preventing and healing skin blisters. abc-of-hiking.

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