Saturday, May 14, 2011

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TED talk- Paul Nicklen: Tales of ice-bound wonderlands

This TED talk was very captivating. It was about the loss of ice in Antarctica.

Paul Nicklen had some amazing photos and stories that grab my attention which clearly got his message across. In this Ted talk Nicklen talks about how the ice in the Antarctic is melting away because of population from countries, and that if we aren't carful we could be loosing a entire ecosystem. There are all kinds of animals that live under these huge ice bergs or depend on those animal for food. There are even some that use those places to give birth. Paul Nicklen had two amazing stories about "The Spirt Bear" and the "Sea Lion." He also talks about an incident with a polar bear which are animals that would be effected by the melting ice.

Tales of ice-bound wonderlands. Nicklen, Paul. Posted May 2011.

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