Monday, May 16, 2011

How to spend a miserable night in the bush


this article is about two guys who got lost during a hike to Montcalms Point. the day was really hot and sunny. At nightfall they still werent done their hike as they were behind in time. Unfortunately neither of them was equipped to spend the night in the forest. They tried to retrace their steps but about 1 and a half hours walking back it started to pour and they realized they had gone in the wrong direction. One guy, Peter found a candy covered in fluff in his pocket and offered to share it. The other guy, Judith didnt want it. they hadnt slept all night. At about 6 am they properly retraced their steps and made it back to their car.
this article is misleading on every possible cylinder. They did not sleep in a bush. Neither did they walk in a park.

By Judith and Peter Hawkins

may 16th 2011

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