Monday, May 16, 2011

Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough- By: Craig Macartney


In this article, Craig Macartney teaches us why we should be prepared for rips and tares in equipment. Even if you feel like giving up, there is a easy way to fix these problems.

Three great things that you should think about packing when you are going outdoors is, nylon repair tape, plastic grommets and duct tape. You can find all these items at an outdoor and sport stores for under $3-$4. Nylon repair tape is great for rips in your jacket, backpack and tent. Just run a piece of duct tape over the rip. If its a big rip or if its in a sensitive part of the ten you should put a layer of tape on both sides. Duct tape is a key thing to bring because you can use it to practically fix anything. Plastic grommets are to replace the metal grommets on a tarp. Just squeeze them together on both sides and poke a hole through. If it's really windy or rainy put the holes closer together for more support.

All these items can fit in a small pocket in your bag. It could definitely make or ruin your trip.

Next time I go on a hiking trip I'll be sure to pack those few things.

Macartney, Craig. "Keep On Going When The Going Gets Tough". Ottawa Outdoors. Spring/Summer 2010. Pages 14-15. Print

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