Monday, May 16, 2011

Pack retrieved from Eiger

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This article really caught my attention because after 20 years, the chances of finding a pack that you abandoned on the side of a mountain are pretty much zero. But in Jeff Lowe's case, he beat the odds.

In 1991, Jeff Lowe attempted a nine-day climb on Switzerland's Eiger North Face. In a rush to beat a big storm, Jeff made the decision to ditch his pack on the side of the face and rush to the summit. This gave him just enough time for the helicopter to come and rescue him right before the storm hit. He didn't like the thought of leaving stuff behind and felt his journey was unsuccessful until on March 25th, 2011, his back was retrieved and brought to Jeff who was waiting at the bottom of the mountain.

This article was really shocking, it taught me the lesson that nothing is impossible and that even after 20 years, equipment can still be intact, just frozen solid. I was inspired by this article and it makes me think how could the pack have stayed fully intact this whole time?

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