Monday, May 16, 2011

Lost in The Gatineaus - by Tony Gariano

Rating: *****/5
'"ME LOST IN THE GATINEAUS for 36 hours? I don't think so"... that would have been my response to anyone suggesting the possibility of me getting lost...' Immediatley after reading these first introductory lines of this article, I started itching to reach the outcome of this horrible scenario.
I recommend this article to anyone because the author elaborates on the most crucial survival needs - temperature, water, food, injuries, rain, bugs, and shelter, and how they are put to the test. The author also mentions some of the other aspects of survival that were implied; developing crisis, staying calm, problem progression, cooperation, and self-motivation. This article is beneficial for learning about survival in the outdoors because it touches on all possible problems, solutions, mistakes, and regrets.
The authors haunting story reminds me that I always have to be prepared, and no matter how much confidence I have in myself, something can always go wrong when least expected.
Gariano, Tony. "Lost in The Gatineaus". Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2008. Pages 14,15,16. Print.

By Emma

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