Monday, May 16, 2011

Paddle the Ottawa Valley - Ottawa Outdoors

Rating: ***/5
Although it is a short article, "Paddle the Ottawa Valley", informed me about a lot of information. I have always enjoyed kayaking and canoeing at our cottage, however, I never thought about doing it right here in Ottawa.
I would recommend this article to anyone because it is very informative about the paddling opportunities in our own hometown. This article talks about all of the different ways of getting to each river or lake from your home, and how to get from lake to lake. The author explains many different options for paddling that include flatwater, and whitewater, and how different types of kayaks and canoes are more beneficial for each. As well as informing the reader of efficient portage routes, the author also elaborates on avoiding dams and stations along the rivers due to the fact that the hydroelectric power generating run along the Madowaska river and many others.
I am glad that I have read this article because I now know that I can paddle here in Ottawa, and I know the precautions to take to ensure a safe enjoyable journey.

"Paddle the Ottawa Valley." Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2008. Page 39. Print.

By Emma

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