Monday, June 20, 2011

127 Hours

I know this is not an article but I’m going to review it anyways.


127 hours is the journey of a man who gets his arm stuck under a boulder with no one around to help him (it’s also a true story).

It’s probably no shocker to give away the end, he cuts his arm off, well actually, that’s what everyone says happened. He actually RIPED it off… yeah, that’s hardcore, and you get to see him do it too. While watching him mutilate his own body for freedom you feel all the pain he is feeling, that’s something very hard to do in a movie. While watching this movie you really get to know our main character; Aron Ralston it really ads to the emotional turmoil he is feeling because you feel it too.

There’s not much story wise for this movie, it’s more about going through the same experience Aron goes through. I’m sure Aron Ralston would be happy with this movie representation of his journey.

By Nick

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