Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Women Can’t Jump


This is a very enjoyable satirical article that deals with the controversial issue of women not being allowed to participate in the ski jumping events for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Mike Randolph (the writer of this article) starts the article by addressing the issue and concludes with “It was about time.” He takes a satirical stance on the side not letting women ski-jump and through this he points out the flaws in their logic. Some things he points out are that women can’t jump so why let them ski-jump? He also points out that there is no sex appeal to women’s ski jumping, so why even have it as a sport? Randolph talks about the story of how a ten year was training since she was ten for the chance to participate in the Olympics for her own country but can’t now because of this new rule, his (satirical) opinion is “had she had taken up figure skating and watched her carb intake, we would not be talking about this.”

It really is genius the way Randolph’s article is set up, it perfectly points out why the IOC made the wrong decision and has such a humour too it that you can’t put this article down until you’re done.

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